20 years of experience

The company's founders offer more than 20 years of experience in Airport services, Civil consulting, construction and worksite management.

Various types of Civil works

VCI General Contractors focuses on delivering all types of Civil work promptly with the support and expertise of Civil engineering, survey, and professional personnel capable of managing worksites.

Locally owned and managed

Founded in 2009, VCI General Contractors is 100% owned and managed by a family that has been involved in the construction and engineering business for a third generation.

Peace of mind to any client

Civil Engineers Technician monitors and assists the field operation by using currents software such as Civil 3d, Auto-Turn, Aero-Turn among others. This complete set of expertise provides peace of mind to any client working with VCI.


Creating a brighter future for our communities by working together and offering Civil and technological solutions


We believe in equity and social development as a general contractor, promoting safe and effective solutions to form community-lasting relationships.